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Air Conditioning Maintenance Edinburgh

Avoiding air conditioning breakdowns is a major priority for all our customers therfore regular maintenance is essential for the maximum efficiency and cleanliness of air conditioning systems and also ensures warranty compliance.Urgent, critically sensitive reactive calls are attended within hours and our first time fix philosophy helps reduce your costs and ensures that vital equipment is returned to full operational condition with minimal delay. With regular planned air conditioning maintenance you can nsure efficient, trouble-free running of any air conditioning system

A reactive approach to air conditioning maintenance, such as repairing the system only when breakdowns occur, significantly increases through-life costs due to premature component failure and inefficient energy use. POLAR have a choice of planned maintenance packages, backed by a reliable emergency reactive support service, offering a range of benefits

  • Basic
  • Consumable Inclusive
  • Labour & Consumable
  • Fully Inclusive

POLAR are specialists in close control and precision air conditioning equipment with years of experience in the installation and commissioning of systems for use in highly sensitive applications. We are one of the leading suppliers of Comfort air conditioning in Scotland and are approved installers/commissioning agents for the majority of major brands of air conditioning equipment, making the provision of genuine replacement parts easier and more cost effective.All work is carried out by our friendly, in-house, fully qualified air conditioning maintenance technicians

Air conditioning maintenance visits are scheduled and agreed with you in advance – and of course we’re happy for you to change the time and date of the air conditioning maintenance visit if necessary.
We’ll save you money by carrying out air conditioning maintenance only when necessary, depending on your environment and cooling requirements.You can choose from a range of air conditioning maintenance service plans, including Pay-As-You-Go or Term Contracts to suit your equipment and your circumstances.

We offer a compete, year round nationwide air conditioning maintenance service – especially useful if you operate from a number of sites.
Every air conditioning maintenance visit includes a free asset check and our air conditioning maintenance technicians are able to arrange a quotation for any repairs they identify.

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